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6th Literary Festival KROKODIL in Belgrade


From June 12th–14th, the international literary festival KROKODIL again attracted numerous guests to Belgrade. Every evening, over 1000 listeners attended the readings of writers mainly from Southeast Europe but also beyond that.

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The opening ceremony was devoted to the American writer of Bosnian origin, Aleksandar Hemon. The first festival evening under the title “FOREIGNERS?” presented writers who do not write in their mother tongue. One of such authors is Alida Bremer who read an excerpt from her novel Olivas Garten [Oliva’s Garden]. The first day was rounded up by the opening of the photo exhibition “To tame the darkenss” by Sylvain Prudhomme and Slađanka Stanković, and by the performance of the music band “EPP!”. The second evening of the festival called “EXCLUDED?” dealt with various forms of participation of minorities in literature. The third and last festival evening was called “NEIGHBORS?” and dealt with outstanding examples of contemporary production, notably with the literary and film work of Bekim Fehmiu. During the last evening of the festival, the current fellowship holder of the Writer-in-Residence program KROKODIL in Belgrad, Corina Sabau, presented her work to the audience.

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