Arme Roma, böse Zigeuner

Mappes-Niediek, Norbert.

320 mappes-niediek arme romaWhy is it that Roma in Eastern Europe can’t find their way out of poverty? Are they poor because they are discriminated, or are they discriminated because they are poor? Do they evade work, are criminal, and are more stupid than other people? These are very frequent question, although not asked openly. And the answer? Well, you know it: “Typical Roma.” The long-year correspondent from the Balkans Nobert Mappes-Niediek checked the facts in the field and made surprising conclusions. He also fundamentally criticized the European Roma policy and suggested several alternatives.

Arme Roma, böse Zigeuner. Was an den Vorurteilen über die Zuwanderer stimmt [Poor Roma, bad Gypsies. Which of the Immigrant Stereotypes Are True?] by Norbert Mappes-Niediek has been translated to Albanian (excerpt) by Aida Cama under the title Romët e varfër, magjupt e këqij, published by Shtëpia Botuese PA, Pristhina.