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Philosophische Stenogramme

Anders, Günther.

323 anders stenogramme“Beware of opening Günther Anders’ Philosophical Stenographs. Because it is difficult to put down the 150-page booklet before having read it from start to end. One can get addicted to saneness. The saneness of Günther Anders is a saneness of seeing through. Anders does not settle for glossing stupid chatter. He has higher measures. He is interested in finding what is wrong with popular intellectual slogans. Anders’ stern pleasure is in demonstrating that the wisdom’s last say is often only a second to the last.” (Joachim Kaiser in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung“).

The non-fiction book Philosophische Stenogramme [Philosophical Stenographs] by Günther Anders has been translated to Romanian (excerpt) by Roxana Melnicu under the title Stenograme filosofice, published by Editura Tact, Cluj-Napoca.

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