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Митологија на съня

Urošević, Vlada.

263 urosevic mitologijaThe translator Roman Kissiov himself made a selection of poems from two original volumes and translated them for the Bulgarian edition. The translated poems have been published in this book together with collages made by the poet himself. The fact that the first poem of the selection is Wonder, is not a coincidence. It can be understood as the summary of Uroševićs poetics: “Cheap wonders / three dinars a piece / cannibals and shipwrecked / skyscrapers / sunken islands / I don’t give a darn for that / to me it is enough / to close one eye / to look through the fingers / to drop my head / and I discover for you a world / that is more wonderful / than everything that you know”.

The illustrated book of poems Митологија на съня [Mythology of Dream] by Vlada Urošević has been published by Ergo, Sofia. Selected and translated from Macedonian (excerpt) by Roman Kissiov.

Beginning of the lyric series tradukita poezio

28_tradukitaIn 2010, in cooperation with the publishing house Edition Korrespondenzen, TRADUKI initiated the poetry series tradukita poezio in order to present distinguished poets from Southeast Europe in their first translations to German. All books in the series are superbly translated and carefully edited bilingual editions.

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