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Die Geister, die er rief. Eine neue Karl-Marx-Biografie

Hosfeld, Rolf.

329 hosfeld marxIf you don‘t want to read Karl Marx but would nonetheless like to know why for a certain time almost a half of the humanity followed his ideas: in this book, you can read everything about the varied life and the far-reaching work of the philosopher from Trier. A spectre is haunting Europe: 20 years after the end of Communism during the crisis of Capitalism, the ideas of Karl Marx are – at least partly – again in vogue. People often refer to the old one from Trier – albeit without knowing him nor his work. Rolf Hosfeld sheds a new light, objective and critical, on the restless life of Karl Marx.

The non-fiction book Die Geister, die er rief. Eine neue Karl-Marx-Biografie [The Spirits That He Called: A New Karl Marx Biography] by Rolf Hosfeld has been translated to Serbian (excerpt) by Mirjana Avramović under the title Karl Marks. Biografija, published by Karpos, Loznica.

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