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Zwischen Naturalismus und Religion

Habermas, Jürgen.

habermas_zwischenTwo contradictory trends characterise contemporary spirituality: with progress in areas such as bio-genetics and brain research, people are bringing a more scientific/objective assessment of self and others into everyday interactions. This brings with it the philosophical challenge of scientific naturalism. On the other hand, there is a discernable revival of traditional faiths and a politicisation of believer communities. This gives rise to the philosophical challenge of a fundamentalist basic critique of the post-metaphysical self-awareness of the modern Western world. Jürgen Habermas sounds out the areas of contradiction and tension between naturalism and religion. He pleads on the one hand for a reasonable naturalistic understanding of cultural evolution, which satisfies the human urge to define things, on the other hand for an adequate interpretation of the secularisation that results from cultural and social rationalisation.

Between Naturalism and Religion has been published by Tugra, Sarajevo in a Bosnian translation (Leseprobe) by Sulejman Bosto with the title “Između naturalizma i religije”.

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