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Der kleine Ritter Trenk

Boie, Kirsten.

285 boie trenkBorn in bondage, die in bondage, the whole life long in bondage – yes, that’s the way it was! But isn’t it terribly unfair that all farmers belong to the knight and not to the slightest extent to themselves? At least the peasant boy Trenk thinks so. He would like to make more out of his life than his father had, who is again to be beaten at the castle. The little Trenk sets out for the town, with a piggy on a leash, to try his luck there. But it is not so easy to make it as Trenk had thought it would be – good that he finds a lot of friends on the way that are willing to help him.

Der kleine Ritter Trenk [Trenk, The Little Knight] by Kirsten Boie has been translated to Bulgarian (excerpt) by Krasimira Petkova under the title Малкият рицар Тренк, published by EMAS, Sofia.

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