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Hinter dem Bahnhof liegt das Meer

Richter, Jutta.

333 richter hinter dem bahnhof liegt das meerNeuner wants to go to the sea where there is warm and the lemons grow. You can’t get very far without money, explains Cosmos, his vagabond friend who joins Neuner in the adventure. They try to get the money for the trip. The only thing of value that Neuner could sell is his guardian angel. But one does not sell it - or does one?

Hinter dem Bahnhof liegt das Meer (title of the English translation: Beyond the Station Lies the Sea) by Jutta Richter has been translated to Romanian (excerpt) by Alexandru Al. Sahighian under the title Să nu vinzi înger păzitor!, published by Humanitas, Bucharest.

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