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Schirrmacher, Frank.

334 schirrmacher paybackWhat was it that I had just wanted to do? Why things have no ending? What happens with my brain? Almost everyone knows this new forgetfulness and the pathologic increase of concentration disorders. We know more than ever before but still live in constant fear to miss the most important things. Information brings advantage and in the information food chain, the winner is the one who is the fastest to send and receive messages. On the basis of interviews with the leading minds of the internet age and with the most prominent contemporary psychologists, Frank Schirrmacher shows how much the self-image of humans can change and how fascinating the answers to this crisis can be.

Payback by Frank Schirrmacher has been translated to Bulgarian (excerpt) by Totka Ivanova Monova and Milen Milev under the title Payback, published by Paradox, Sofia.

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