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Der Mann schläft

Berg, Siybylle.

348 berg der mann schlaeftA woman loves a man because he loves her. What can you wish for more in a world in which love is only a marketing tool? But this same world knows no excuses: on a trip to China, the man goes astray once again and one gets a feeling that something is strange here. Why do people look for change if they have found their luck? Why don’t they stay where they are happy? Sibylle Berg tells a modern love story using melancholic and malicious images to depict a world in which people can survive only in twos at the most.

Der Mann schläft [The Man Sleeps] by Sibylle Berg has been translated to Macedonian (excerpt) by Iva Fidancheva, published under the title Мажот спие by Goten, Skopje.

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