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Léon und Louise

Capus, Alex.

350 capus leon und louiseTwo young persons fall in love but the war separates them: This is the story of Léon und Louise. It begins with their first meeting during WWI in France on the Atlantic shore, but then an air raid violently separates them. They each believe that the other was dead, so Léon marries and Louise leads her own life – until they accidentally meet in 1928 in Paris Métro. With wonderful lightness and great intensity, Alex Capus tells the story of love in a century of war, a story of a couple who stick to their love against all conventions even if they have to lead a stubborn and occasionally incredibly funny double life. A story of a great love lived out against the whole world.

Léon und Louise (title of the English translation: Leon and Lousie) by Alex Capus has been translated to Bulgarian (excerpt) by Iva Ivanova under the title Леон и Луизе, published by Atlantis KL, Sofia.

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