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Zündels Abgang

Werner, Markus.

356 werner zuendels abgangZündel, the protagonist in his mid-thirties, married, starts to feel that his everyday life is like a sneaky infection gnawing away his existence. One can rise up against great catastrophies but what can you do against small and so much cockier everyday attacks, against the cool robustness of the normal? When the summer holiday come and he has nothing to hold on to, he eliminates himself. He tries to travel to Greece but fails, ending up in Genoa. Things that happen to him there are only funny to the reader of the novel. Zündel doesn't want anymore and exits.

Zündels Abgang (title of the English translation: Zündel’s Exit) by Markus Werner has been translated to Bulgarian (excerpt) by Radka Dimitrova-Purwin under the title Цюндел си отива, published by Aquarius, Sofia.

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