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Tajna dečaka Ive

Bukal, Snežana.

358 bukal tajna decaka iveNina und Dora travel with their mother from the Netherlands to Croatia to spend the summer holiday at their aunt’s on a small island in the Adriatic sea. Thier cousin Ivo, whose father lost his life in a traffic accident, is at first very quiet and withdrawn. After some time, he accepts the both girls as his friends. His wish – and the wish of his deceased father – to revitalize the depopulated and fire-ravaged island takes the reader in a world of children adventures. Ivo’s secret is the search for a treasure without which no life on earth would be possible.

Tajna dečaka Ive [Ivo’s Secret] by Snežana Bukal has been translated to Macedonian (excerpt) by Kalina Bunevska Isakovska under the title Тајната на детето Иво, published by Blesok, Skopje.

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