Duve, Karen.

327 duve grrrimKaren Duve has been a passionate reader of fairy tales, heroic sagas and knight stories since the year one. She is especially fond of Grimm brothers’ fairy tales. However, in those tales, so many things happen that common sense cannot explain! How realistic is it, for example, that an extraordinary good-looking young woman makes home for 7 middle aged short bachelors but no one of them tries to use his charms on her? And what does one do when they wake up after hundred’s year sleep under inches thick of dust? And most importantly, what does a prince do to stay fit when he has to wait for hundred years to kiss his princes out of sleep?

The book Grrrimm by Karen Duve has been translated to Serbian (excerpt) by Dušica Milojković under the title Grrrim, published by Laguna, Belgrade.