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Der einzige Mann auf dem Kontinent

Mora, Terézia.

331 mora jedini covekDer einzige Mann auf dem Kontinent describes one week in the life of Darius Kopp. He is in his early forties, married, and is the only representative of a US company for wireless networks. He sees himself as a winner of the new times. Born in the GDR, he was a very asked-for man as an IT specialist after its collapse. He wants to be satisfied with his life. But lately the business has been going more wrong than right. One day, a forgetful customer leaves a cardboard carton in his office. Kopp tries to call any of his bosses in Los Angeles or London to be told what to do with the money, but to no avail. It seems nearly as if the company didn’t exist anymore …

The novel Der einzige Mann auf dem Kontinent [The Only Man on the Continent] by Terézia Mora has been translated to Serbian (excerpt) by Maria Glišić under the title Jedini čovek na kontinentu, published by Arhipelag, Belgrade.

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