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Agonia erosului şi alte eseuri

Han, Byung-Chul.

328 han agoniaEros pertains to “the Other“ in the empathic sense, and this other is not part of our Self. In the hell of sameness, to which the society rapidly drifts, there are no “erotic experience”. Such experience presupposes transcendence, the radical singularity of the Other. Today's terror of immanence that makes everything an object of consumption destroys the erotic “desire”. It is no coincidence that Socrates has been called atopos. The Other that I desire and that I am fascinated with, is placeless. It evades descriptions in the language of sameness. It is a sign of a society of today that is becoming ever more narcissistic so that the Other is disappearing – disastrously unnoticed. The Fatigued Society, in which people are tired of themselves without the possibility to liberate themselves with the help of the Other, is a society without Eros.

Agonie des Eros und andere Essays [The Agony of Eros and Other Essays] by Byul-Chung Han has been translated to Romanian (excerpt) by Viorica Nişcov under the title Agonia erosului şi alte eseuri, published by Humanitas, Bucharest.

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