Граѓа за убав роман. Поетска трилогија

Mladenović, Dragana.

363 mladenovicThis volume presents three books of poetry by Dragana Mladenović: Tvornica [Factory], Omot Spisa [Bound Scripts] and Rodbina [Kin].

“Mladenović’s poetic cycles are strikingly unusual in its scenic form, with which she conceives a reflection of the society using few figures and concise verses. Perpetrators, victims and witnesses – they all appear as sketched, maimed and wrapped in silence. A repression of guilt on one side, a silent pain on the other.”

 (Literaturfestival Berlin)

The poetry book Граѓа за убав роман.Поетска трилогија [Material for a Nice Novel. Poetic Trilogy] by Dragana Mladenović has been translated to Macedonian (excerpt) by Viktor Šikov, published by Templum, Skopje.