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Ata je spet pijan

Čater, Dušan.

344 cater ata je spet pijanThe first-person narrator of the novel is a writer having a creative crisis, working in the protection racket business to make ends meet. He barely speaks to his wife and kid and moves erratically through the pages of the novel, mostly high on cocaine. He gets sober only when it’s time for coital gymnastics with his lover Kika. But one of the extortion missions goes terribly wrong, and as he is a well-known writer, he fears to be recognized and arrested, he decides to flee to South America.

Der Roman Ata je spet pijan [Pops is Drunk Again] by Dušan Čater has been translated to Macedonian (excerpt) by Dragana Evtimova and published under the title Стариот пак е пијан by Templum in Skopje.

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