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Vergeltung und Kausalität

Kelsen, Hans.

352 kelsen vergeltung und kausalitaetThis outstanding study, his most important in the field of sociology, Hans Kelsen deals with the role of human idea of justice and with the linked principle of retribution in the course of history. Kelsen discusses the social interpretation of nature, in which the principle of retribution plays the central role, he discusses the idea of retribution within the religion and philosophy of the Greeks, studies the development of the principle of causality and analyses the thesis of dualism between nature and society.

Vergeltung und Kausalität. Eine soziologische Untersuchung (title of the English translation: Causality and Retribution) by Hans Kelsen has been translated to Croatian (excerpt) by Kiril Miladinov and published under the title Retribucija i kauzalnost. Sociološko istraživanje by Naklada Breza in Zagreb.

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