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Es geht uns gut

Geiger, Arno.

351 geiger es geht uns gutPhilipp Erlach has inherited his grandmother's house in the suburbs of Vienna and now his family's history, which he doesn't want anything to do with, is breathing down his neck. Arno Geiger spins his tale as if it were happening right before our eyes: He tells us about Alma and Richard, who have just given birth to their daughter Ingrid and who don't want anything to do with the Nazis. He tells us of the fifteen year-old Peter, who runs through the  bombed streets together with the last Hitlerjungen. Of Ingrid, who dreams of starting a family with the student Peter, and of Philipp, the son of the two. Arno Geiger succeeds at bringing to life a tragic yet funny century.

Es geht uns gut (title of the English translation: We Are Doing Fine) by Arno Geiger has been translated into Bulgarian (Leseprobe) by  Elena Prodeva and published under the title Добре сме by Panorama plus in Sofia.

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