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Kosovo. Kurze Geschichte einer zentralbalkanischen Landschaft

Schmitt, Oliver Jens.

336 schmitt kosovoThe situation in Kosovo is currently one of the most talked-about political questions in the world and is hence always presented in the context of a history and narrative of conflict. The following book takes aim at turning the tables and taking an opposite view: Neither is Kosovo a traditional historical region nor is its structure traditionally state-like. Instead it is a typical Centro-Balkan land, the evolution of which cannot be grasped by employing a simple structure-historical method. Kosovo's society, culture, population, migration movements as well as its fast and in the end failed socio-economic modernisation in the second half of 20th century are the focal point of this portrayal.

Kosovo. Kurze Geschichte einer zentralbalkanischen Landschaft [Kosovo. A Brief History of a Centro-Balkan Land] by Oliver Jens Schmitt has been translated into Albanian (excerpt) by Enver Robelli and published under the title Kosova. Histori e shkurtër e një treve qendrore ballkanike by Koha in Prishtina.

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