Geschichte Jugoslawiens im 20. Jahrhundert

Calic, Marie-Janine.

370 calic geschichteWhy did Yugoslavia fall apart? Was its violent downfall inevitable? How come that the heterogeneous multinational state lasted so long then? The book analyses why and under what circumstances Yugoslavia came into being, what kept the heterogeneous multinational state together over the space of seventy years, and how it inevitably dissolved into violence in the end. In the foreground are the fundamental changing processes at the turn of the 20th century that went on to forever influence and shape ideologies, political systems, and socio-economic relationships, as well as the way of living across all of Europe, and which, over the course of the 20th century, also turned Yugoslavia from an agrarian into a modern industrial society.

The non-fiction book Geschichte Jugoslawiens im 20. Jahrhundert [A History of Yugoslavia in the 20th Century] by Marie-Janine Calic has been translated into Serbian (excerpt) by Vladimir Babić and published under the title Историја Југославијe у 20. веку by Clio in Belgrade.