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Fritz Kochers Aufsätze und Poetenleben

Walser, Robert.

379 walser fritzTaking on the imaginary role of a deceased student and co-opting his essays, the then 26-year-old Robert Walser started his career with Fritz Kochers Aufsätze (Fritz Kocher's Essays) that where first published by Insel in 1904. His Poetenleben [Life of a Poet] in the meantime is a compilation of 25 short-stories, which expose and recount in a mischievously innocent tone events out of the adventurously old-fashioned daily life of a 'poet'.

The volume Fritz Kochers Aufsätze und Poetenleben [Fritz Kocher's Essays and Life of a Poet] by Robert Walser has been translated into Slovene (excerpt) by Slavo Šerc and published under the title Spisi Fritza Kocherja in Življenje poeta by LUD Šerpa in Ljubljana.

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