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Die sterbenden Europäer

Gauß, Karl-Markus.

380 gauss die sterbenden europaeerKarl-Markus Gauß, who's focus has been for many years the nationalities on the side-lines, has over the years time and time again travelled to the small nations of Europe, which however give Europe its cultural variety. His travel journals encompass nature descriptions, city portraits, digressions into the unknown corners of cultural history, political sketches, and stories about remarkable and unmistakable people, and blend everything into a wonderful form of literature. "Gauß turns his research into a heady mix of political analysis, historical digressions, cultural-philosophical reflections, reportage, interviews, and travel journals, turning it all into its very own unique genre of high literary quality and readability." (Die Zeit)

The non-fiction book Die sterbenden Europäer: Unterwegs zu den Sepharden von Sarajevo, Gottscheer Deutschen, Arbëreshe, Sorben und Aromunen [The Dying Europeans: A Journey to the Sephardis of Sarajevo, the Gottscheer Germans, the Arbëreshë, the Sorbs, and the Aromanians] by Karl-Markus Gauß has been translated into Macedonian (excerpt) by Ksenija Čočkova and published under the title Европејците на изумирање by Templum in Skopje.

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