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Federspiel, Maurus.

395 federspiel feindOn the outside he is a shining star, who brings any audience to its knees, at home he is an enviable host: pressing a button here, snipping a finger there – the never-tired servants know how to satisfy even the most extravagant wish at the ungodliest hour, be it an exotic delicacy to excite the mouth, the last interior design idea of the owner of the house, or more intimate carnal desires. And yet, do the servants really blindly follow any of their employer's wishes? Ever more often he bears witness to strange and violent acts that seem to foreshadow a ghastly plan. The house itself seems to turn against him and slowly transforms itself into an inescapable labyrinth.

The novel Feind [Enemy] by Maurus Federspiel has been translated into Croatian (excerpt) by Andy Jelčić and published under the title Neprijatelj by Leykam International in Zagreb.

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