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Familienzirkus. Die großen Romane und Erzählungen

Kiš, Danilo .

403 kis familienzirkusAt first heavily scorned in his home country of Yugoslavia, Danilo Kiš was soon to be recognised as one of the greatest story-tellers of European post-war literature. By way of his unique literary oeuvre he wrote against forgetting and death. With his trilogy Early Sorrows, Garden, Ashes, and Hourglass, which he himself called Family Circus, he erected a monument to his father, who was killed in Auschwitz, and to Central European culture. The Encyclopedia of the Dead, which has finally been republished in a new German translation, became his most famous novel. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of his death, his most important works have now been published in German together in one volume – an invitation to reread this author again and again. 

The volume Familienzirkus. Die großen Romane und Erzählungen  [Family Circus. The Great Novels and Stories] by Danilo Kiš in the German translation (excerpt) by Ilma Rakusa, Ivan Ivanji, Anton Hamm, and Katharina Wolf-Grießhaber was published together with an epilogue written by Ilma Rakusa by Carl Hanser Verlag in Munich.

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