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Kako sem otrokom razložil demokracijo

Cerar, Miro.

407 cerar kako sam djeci objasnio demokratijuMiro Cerar, a law professor and politician, explains democracy to young readers. The target audience are specifically students who already know a thing or two about sociology. Not just sticking to an easy-to-understand and extensive portrayal of democracy, Cerar furthermore also explains connected terms such as politics, government, constitution, community etc., and how totalitarianism, the complete opposite of democracy, manifests itself.

The non-fiction book Kako sem otrokom razložil demokracijo [How I Explained Democracy to Children] by Miro Cerar has been translated into Bosnian (excerpt) by Ahmed Burić and published under the title Kako sam djeci objasnio demokratiju by Buybook in  Sarajevo.

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