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Nacht ist der Tag

Stamm, Peter.

437 stamm nachtGillian is a successful TV host, a beautiful woman who has a secure relationship with Matthias; she has her life under control. One night after they had a fight, the couple has a traffic accident, their car hits a deer on a wet street. Matthias dies, she wakes up in hospital. With a damaged face. She only slowly begins to pick up the pieces and one episode from her past could mean a solution to her future. Without big words but with inescapable images, Peter Stamm's novel tells a powerful story of a woman who loses her life but stays alive – a tragedy that is a new start.

The novel Nacht ist der Tag by Peter Stamm has been translated to Bulgarian (excerpt) by Ljubomir Iliev and published under the title Денят е нощ by Atlantis-KL in Sofia.

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