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Soldaten: Protokolle vom Kämpfen, Töten und Sterben

Neitzel, Sönke / Welzer, Harald.

422 neitzel welzer soldatenThis book brings for the first time a convincing insight into the mentality of war, as it is based on a unique body of source material. Based on 150,000 pages of protocols of intercepted communication between German soldiers in German and American captivity, the book shed completely new light onto knowledge and mentality of soldiers. In specially equipped camps, German prisoners of war of all branches of military service and all ranks have been secretly listened in to. Soldiers spoke about military secrets, their view on the enemy, about the command, but also about the Holocaust. The book delivers a reconstruction of soldiers' perception of war in historical real-time – it is a tremendously well-documented view of the WWII by the soldiers who devastated huge parts of Europe.

Soldaten: Protokolle vom Kämpfen, Töten und Sterben (title of the English translation: Soldaten: On Fighting, Killing, and Dying) by Sönke Neitzel and Harald Welzer has been translated to Croatian (excerpt) by Milan Soklić and published under the title Vojnici. Zapisnici o ratovanju, ubijanju i umiranju by Fraktura in Zagreb.

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