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Geschichte Österreichs

Niederstätter, Alois.

423 niederstaetter historiaeThis Austrian history spans the events from the Roman times, to the settlement in the early Middle Ages, new organizational forms as a frontier area against the Avars and Magyars, the Duchy of Babenberg, to the Alpine state of the Habsburgs who starting in the 16th century had made Austria one of the European powers, to the Austrian Empire and the Austrian-Hungarian Dual-Monarchy and finally to the small republic of the 20th century. The main focus is on the area of today’s Austria but the book considers also the European context of the Austrian history. Central aspects of the social, economic, cultural and intellectual history supplement the depiction to offer an extensive image of what we understand today under the multi-faceted term “Austria”.

The non-fiction book Geschichte Österreichs [History of Austria] by Alois Niederstätter has been translated to Albanian (excerpt) by Genc Lafe and published under the title Historia e Austrisë by Dituria in Tirana.

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