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Das Klavier im Nebel

Schlattner, Eginald.

430 schlattner clavirWith the expropriation after WWII, the young factory owner Clemens and his family, who were regarded as bourgeois and were ostracized from the community of Schäßburg, now Sighişoara in Transylvania, lost everything. The father is in prison, the mother is missing, and Clemens works in a porcelain factory and goes to evening school. When he meets the Romanian girl Rodica, their love knows no boundaries. But does he find a way out of his Saxon bourgeois way of life or will the tradition win over feelings?

With this multi-faceted novel, Eginald Schlattner again delivers a convincing proof of his mastery of narration, to be compared with Theodore Fontane (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung).

The novel Das Klavier im Nebel [The Piano in Fog] by Eginald Schlattner has been translated to Romanian (excerpt) by Catrinel Plesu and published under the title Clavir în ceață by Cartier in Bucharest.

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