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Paunović, Zoran Ž.


paunovic zoranZoran Ž. Paunović was born in 1970 in Kladovo (Serbia). He studied English, Macedonian, Serbian and Old Church Slavonic languages at the University of Skopje (Macedonia) as well as English and Bulgarian languages at the University of Belgrade (Serbia). After graduation, he worked at the then independent B92’s English-language Internet and radio news service as translator and web-journalist. Since 2001, he has been a freelance translator and an independent artist/literary translator since 2012. He translates books and texts of various topics from English to Serbian and vice versa as well as from Macedonian to Serbian. His major literary translations include the works of Patricia Highsmith (Edith’s Diary, The Talented Mr Ripley), Tibor Fischer (Under the Frog), Sebastian Faulks (On Green Dolphin Street), Tony Parsons (Cruel Rules, essays), Dylan Thomas (short stories) and Tomislav Osmanli (Dvaeset i prviot). He also writes short stories and publishes them in literary magazines.

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