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Die Kinder aus Nr. 67, Band 1

Tetzner, Lisa.

440 tetznerLisa Tetzner’s great youth Odyssey begins in 1931 in Berlin in a large tenant-occupied house, in which children who live there are as thick as thieves – even though they argue and play tricks on one another all the time. The heads of the gang are Erwin Brackmann, whom they call Night Sky because of his freckles, and his friend Paul Richter, who makes a really bad thing with bread rolls and milk – but luckily it all ends well. We read how the kids from the back courtyard buy a football with really hard-earned money but they almost land in prison for that. And we read how the boys, contrary to their principles, accept into their gang a fine girl from the front-house. The girl’s name is Mirjam and with her and Erwin as leaders of the gang, the kids have the best of times in the back courtyard of the building nr. 67.

Die Kinder aus Nr. 67, Band 1: Erwin und Paul / Das Mädchen aus dem Vorderhaus [Children from House Nr. 67: Erwin and Paul / The Girl from the Front-House] by Lisa Tetzner has been translated to Slovenian (excerpt) by Ana Jasmina Oseban and published under the title Otroci iz hiše št. 67 by Sodobnost International in Ljubljana.

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