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Le Syndrome de la tête qui tombe

Urech, Marie-Jeanne.

461 urech le syndromeArthur Bellange receives a subpoena to 'The Pad', an absurd work space environment inside a 16-storey-high building made out of steel, glass, and concrete. The diminutive, unassuming-looking man receives a box full of work material, when he enters a sort of open-plan office, which is situated in the cellar underground. He draws ascending lines, but eventually he brings the whole system toppling down with his soft revolution.

Le Syndrome de la tête qui tombe [The Syndrome of the Head That Falls], the title of the German translation is Mein sehr lieber Herr Schönengel, by Marie-Jeanne Urech was translated into Romanian (excerpt) by Irinel Antoniu and published under the title Sidromul capului care cade by Univers in Bucharest.

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