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Der Tod des Widersachers

Keilson, Hans.

465 keilson der todAt the centre of this thrilling and subtly human novel are a young Jew, in search of his purpose and way in life, and the political social climber B., whose propaganda slowly creates a threatening, oppressive, and deeply anti-Semitic atmosphere. The symbiotic, yes, even fateful relationship between the perpetrator and the victim is analysed by way of clear observation and the author's literary talent elevates this novel into a universal human parable. 

Der Tod des Widersachers (title of the English translation: The Death of the Adversary) by Hans Keilson has been translated into Slovene (excerpt) by Slavo Šerc and published under the title Nasprotnikova smrt by Celjska Mohorjeva družba in Celje.

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