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Wie ich Papa die Angst vor Fremden nahm

Schami, Rafik.

479 schami wie ich papa

The little daughter no longer understands her daddy. He is big and strong and almost knows how to do anything, but nevertheless he is afraid of strangers. The little girl's friend Banja comes from Tanzania, but her daddy doesn't know that. What if she simply takes him to Banja's birthday party, where all her relatives will be present?

Wie ich Papa die Angst vor Fremden nahm [How I Freed Daddy From His Fear of Strangers] by  Rafik Rafik Schami and the illustrator Ole Könnecke, has been translated into Slovene (excerpt) by Tina Mahkota and published under the title Kako se je pogumni očka nehal bati tujcev by Založba Zala in Lesce.

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