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On War Crimes and War Criminals – Serbian Journalist Bojan Tončić was Writer in Residence in Sarajevo


471 toncicIn July 2016, the Sarajevo European Writers in Residence program hosted the Serbian journalist Bojan Tončić. In his work as a journalist, he deals with war crimes and war criminals, Serbian coming to terms with the past (actually not taking place), and the relationship of the Serbian criminal justice as well as the society with the perpetrators. Thus, the selection of topics for the discussion with the author was quite obvious. The host of the literary evening, taking place on July 21 in the premises of the Association for Support of Culture and Arts Zvono, was Ahmed Burić. They talked also about the possibilities and challenges of working as a journalist in Southeast Europe today.

In the media: Prometej, Oslobodjenje 1, Oslobodjenje 2

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