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Went, came, stayed


480 frankfurter buchmesseAt the Frankfurt book fair, TRADUKI and the S. Fischer Foundation organized the discussion with the title “Went, came, stayed. Flight and migration as historical normality.” The host of the discussion Ulrich Ladurner, an editor at the ZEIT magazine, talked with Beate Grzeski (Head of the Coordination Group for flight and migration in the German Foreign Office), Jochen Oltmer (Professor of recent history and member of the board of the Institute of Migration Research and Intercultural Studies IMIS), and Carl Henrik Fredriksson (essayist, journalist and co-founder of Eurozine).

The central question was if today’s major flight and migration movements to and within Europe actually are as extraordinary as one may think in view of the current organizational, social, and political challenges. The panelists tried to put the recent situation into the historical context of flight and migration in Europe.

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