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Young Guest from Slovenia: Muanis Sinanović in Sarajevo


485 sinanovicResidential fellowships are, especially for young writers, a good opportunity to present their work to the broad public and to find ways for their works to be translated and published abroad. In Sarajevo, the PEN Centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina welcomed the writer of the young generation Muanis Sinanović as the last guest of their writers in residence program in Sarajevo.

On September 29, Sinanović was presented to Sarajevo audience in a discussion with Tarik Alimanović. Topics of the discussion was the unenviable position of writers in the societies of Southeast Europe, the similarities and differences of cultural contexts of Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the question if and to what extent literature can contribute to social changes.

Within the TRADUKI supported European writers in residence program in Sarajevo, the PEN Centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina offers four-week fellowships to writers and translators.

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