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International Translation Day: Author vs, Translator


494 krokodilWith the support of TRADUKI, the association KROKODIL again organized an event to celebrate the International Translation Day, which is celebrated on the feast of St. Jerome. The topic of the evening was The Authors vs. The Translator – Between Creation and Interpretation. The translators Mirjana Marinković (from Turkish to Serbian) and Radoš Kosović (from Norwegian and Danish to Serbian) discussed with Vladimir Arsenijević and Ana Pejović the dynamics between the translator and the author: What is their relationship?

To what extent identifies the translator with the author? What do they do with errors in the original text? How creative is the translation process? Is it necessary that the translator likes the original text? How free can a translation be? In order to answer all the questions of the highly interested audience, the very eloquent and good-humoured guests stayed two hours longer as planned.

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