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“Über Kreuz” Workshop for Editors and Translators with Focus on Children's and Youth Literature


looren aussenThe Translation House Looren invites to the sixth “Über Kreuz” workshop for editors and literary translators translating into German. The focus of the workshop between 7-11 April 2017 will be children's and youth literature.

How far away from the original text can the translator go, how much can an editor “polish” the translation? How much “foreignness” can a book offer to a (young) reader? Faced with such questions, editors and translators are often cross with one another. To release the creative potential of these differences is one of the goals of the workshop. The means to this end will be the joint work on the translations sent in advance.

Alice Grünfelder (editor, Zürich) and Tobias Scheffel (translator, Freiburg im Breisgau) will lead the workshop that is organized with the support of the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and will take place in the Translation House Looren.

Participation, accomodation and meals are free of charge. The participants have to cover their own travel expenses. The call for applications is open until January 6, 2017.

More details on the call for application are available here.

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