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Vienna Book Fair: Insight into Literature of Bosnia and Herzegovina


497 wundersame landschaft© Georg Soulek/BurgtheaterDuring the 9th Book Fair in Vienna, several writers from Bosnia and Herzegovina were presented to Austrian readers. The opening event was the literary evening in the vestibule of the Burgtheater. The title for the event “Wondrous landscape” was taken from a poem of Adisa Bašić, who together with Tanja Stupar-Trifunović and Faruk Šehić read excerpts from their works. The actors of the Burgtheater Brigitta Furgler and Elisabeth Augustin gave voices to their German translations. The young musician Andrea Nikolić made special emphases with her musical interventions. Four pieces for violin solo were written by young composers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and were performed for the first time in Austria.

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© Burgtheater

On the fair ground, several writers were presented in individual readings in the Literary Café: Senka Marić, who was the writer in residence of the Austrian Foreign Office in November in Viennese Museumsquartier, Adisa Bašić, Faruk Šehić and Tanja Stupar-Trifunović. The closing event was the discussion in the Danube Lounge between Senka Marić from Mostar, Tanja Stupar-Trifunović from Banja Luka, and Faruk Šehić from Sarajevo with Hana Stojić, who is the project coordinator of the TRADUKI Network. They made clear that the literary scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not only limited to the capital city as there are other hot spots and lively literary environments.

© Georg Soulek/Burgtheater


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