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Wolfgang Streeck on a Reading Tour in Bulgaria


532 streekIn the beginning of May, the sociologist Wolfgang Streeck traveled to Sofia to present his book Buying Time: The Delayed Crisis of Democratic Capitalism that had recently been published in Bulgarian translation. The presentation was organized by the publishing house KX – Critique & Humanism in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Bulgaria. The attentive audience listened with interest a vivid discussion between Heinrich Geiselberger (Suhrkamp publishing house), professor Stilyan Yotov (co-translator) and professor Alexander Kyossev (University of Sofia).

The event found a strong resonance in the media. Wolfgang Streeck gave interviews for the renowned political talk-show Panorama and for another talk-show of the Bulgarian national TV station as well as for the cultural newspaper Култура. The reading tour, the translation and the book presentation were supported by the TRADUKI network.

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