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Anton Baev nutzt Skopje-Aufenthalt zur Recherche für seinen neuen Roman


547 baev antonThe Bulgarian writer Anton Baev spent four weeks in May in Skopje where he was guest of the TRADUKI-supported writers in residence program Absolutely modern. Invited by the publishing house Goten, he used his time in Skopje to work on his experimental novel, which will be a continuation of his book Светата кръв, published in 2016.

The new novel will take place on the area of today’s Macedonia. Thus, Baev, who has now for the first time been to Skopje, could visit the important places for his novel. Beside the Old Bazar in Skopje, the places of interest were the lake of Prespa, the monastery of St. Naum, and the region of Ohrid. During his stay, he also worked together with the translator Dragana Evtimova, who is translating his novel Светата кръв into Macedonian. Towards the end of his stay, he participated in three events at the international literary festival PRO-ZA Balkan and presented his works to Macedonian readers.

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