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International Literary Festival Bookstan in Sarajevo


560 bookstanThe second edition of the international literary festival Bookstan took place between July 4 and July 7 in Sarajevo. The organizers, the publishing house Buybook, prepared an extensive program with readings, talks, discussions, exhibitions and workshops. The focal topics this year were neighbourhood and fluid identities. The support of TRADUKI allowed authors Nellja Veremej (Germany/Russia), Tadej Golob and Goran Vojnović (Slovenia) as well as Rumena Bužarovska and Tihomir Jančovski (Macedonia) to perform in front of Sarajevo audience. Katja Stergar from Slovenian Book Agency JAK travelled to Split as the representative of TRADUKI to participate in the discussion „Small Languages, Policies of Translations “.

Bookstan: Photos and Impressions

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