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Hrvatske bajke

Lovrenčić, Sanja.

lovrencic_maerchenEleven wonderful Croatian fairytales, which you just can’t get enough of reading to yourself, to others or listening to someone else reading.
The fox, the cat, the bear, the frog girl and the little fairy are all waiting to welcome friends of fairytales of any age.

The fairytales are:
The Tom-cat and the Vixen
But the Third son was a true robber
The Greedy girl
How a soldier became king
The hare, the bear, the man and the fox
How the servant took revenge on his master
The little cockerel and his friends
The boy and the Demon Emperor
The frog girl
The bird-catcher and the black crow
The little fairy

Hrvatske bajke has been published by Leykam International, Zagreb/Grazin a German translation by Margit Jugo with the title “Kroatische Märchen”.

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