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Selmani, Shpëtim


selmani shpetimShpëtim Selmani, born in Pristina, Kosovo, in 1986, studied acting at Pristina University's Faculty of Arts. From 2001 till 2006 he worked as an actor at the Modern Theatre PO-PO in Ferizaj. Since 2010 he is working as a programme coordinator for the NGO Lëvizja FOL, which combats corruption and develops programmes to educate and strengthen civil society. Today he is still active as an actor and performs in many plays. His publications include the poetry selections Brenda Guacës (2006) and Poezi [Poetry] (2011), the prose publication Shenimet e një Grindaveci [Notes of a Wrangler] (2015), and blog entries for the portal sbunker.

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