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Book launch of the novel Quecke by Petre M. Andreevski in Berlin


574 andreevskiThe TRADUKI funded translation of the Macedonian cult novel Пиреј [Pirey/Couch Grass] by Petre M. Andreevski was published in German under the title Quecke by Guggolz-Verlag in August 2017. The novel celebrated its formal book launch on 29th September 2017, at a public event in collaboration with Buchhandlung Godolt.

At Röstwerk Kaffeerösterei, the publisher Sebastian Guggolz and translator Benjamin Langer discussed, after briefly introducing the publishing house, the novel and its author, Macedonian literature and translation. Benjamin Langer also read several excerpts from the novel. It was a pleasant and enjoyable evening, at the end of which something quite unusual took place: Enthused listeners made the publisher and translator sign their newly purchased copies of the book.

On 9th October 2017, shortly after the book's launch, Benjamin Langer received recognition for his translation work in Skopje – the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences awarded him the “Blaže Koneski International Acknowledgement for Services to Macedonian Language and Culture”.

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