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Ivana Bodrožić was Guest in Burgenland


578 bodrozicIn 2017, the Austrian Foreign Ministry and TRADUKI have a common literary focus on the Croatian literature. Within this project, Ivana Bodrožić gave a reding in October in Trausdorf/Trajštof. The event was organized in cooperation with the Mattersburg Literary House and the Scientific Institute of Burgenland Croats.

The literary evening was in Croatian language, and after the reading, there was a lively discussion on the language development, nationalisms, and on the consequences of the Balkan wars for Croatia. The Croatian department of the Austrian national television ORF invited the writer Bodrožić to a interview, which has been aired as a short sentimental film portrayal. Ivana Bodrožić had another reading in the BG/BRG/BORG high school. Her reading there made a strong impression on the pupils of the high school of the Diocese Eisenstadt who also came to listen to her.

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(Foto: Vukovits Anna und Saraja Hauptmann)

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