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TRADUKI at Weltempfang at Frankfurt Book Fair 2017


In 2017, TRADUKI organised two podium discussions at Frankfurt Book Fair's forum Weltempfang, which is the traditional focal point for talks and readings with international writers, intellectuals and translators.

The event Quo vadis Romania, organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Romania, was a discussion on the process of democratisation of Romania after Ceausescu’s fall and on the current political and social developments and perspectives of the country. The host of the discussion Karl-Peter Schwarz (Austria) talked with Mihai-Răzvan Ungureanu (Romania), Sorin Ioniță (Romania) and Philipp Ther (Austria).


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The panel discussion with the title Playball Balkans was organized in cooperation with the Slovenian Book Agency JAK and the Slovenian Cultural Centre Berlin. The discussants were Branko Soban (Slovenia), Vladimir Pištalo (Serbia/USA) and Marie-Janine Calic (Germany) who talked with the host Ulrich Ladurner (Germany) about conflict of international powers that are being carried out in the countries of Southeast Europe. They also discussed the question if these countries could use their historical experience and routine to confidently shape novelties out of crises.

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